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Snow Procedures


SNOW, GLORIOUS SNOW! In the event of Snow:

We will only close the school if a substantial amount of snow falls making it unsafe for children and staff to travel to school. How to find out if the school is closed:


WEBSITE - It often takes a lot of time for messages to be posted on the website due to the overwhelming number of schools nationally attempting to put messages on via the Website provider. A message will be posted as soon as possible.

HOME CONTACT This is our quickest method of getting information to you. Make sure the office have your details so that you can receive a text and at a later pointe an E mail. Details are not disclosed to other parents.

RADIO Heart FM and BBC Wiltshire will publish a list of schools that are closed. This does, however, take time due to the large number of schools contacting them.

NOTICE ON THE GATE Failing anything else a message will be put on the gate. For those of you who live in the village if you have not picked up a message you can, if you walk to the school see this notice.

Should snow fall the school will always open if we can safely get here. However, this is what to do if there is a substantial amount of snow!

At 6.00 a.m. the Chair of Governors makes the decision with the Head about the quantity of snow and whether it is practical to open. The head informs all radio stations:

  • Listen to Radio Wiltshire on 103.5, 104.3 or 104.9FM for regular updates on school closures or look on their website

  • Listen to GWR or HEART Radio in Wiltshire on 97.2 or 102.2 FM or look on their website

  • Look on our school website on as now that we can update it from anywhere rather than just in school there will be a notice on the first page from 7.00 a.m. onwards as long as the system does not crash with the quantity of messages from U.K. schools.