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What we say about Music at Minety Primary School...

"Music lessons are my favourite because we always look at different types of music and get to play instruments." Sam

"I love it when we get the instruments out because we all perform together as a group and get to make music" Lily

One of my favourite memories is performing at the Minety music festival as a group" Noah

"Music enriches everyone in so many ways. I love teaching music to share the enjoyment it brings through listening, composing and performing together."  Mrs Walton (Subject Leader)

Curriculum Intent

At Minety we value music because it is a powerful and unique form of communication that not only inspires and motivates children but gives the opportunity for personal expression. Music also develops skills for life, such as listening, concentration, creativity, self-confidence and sensitivity towards others. Furthermore, it can play an important role in helping children feel part of their school and the wider community. We aim to promote and nurture enthusiasm and enjoyment of music in all its forms and develop musical skills and knowledge across the school. We believe every child should have the opportunity to experience the power of music.

We are committed to creating a positive, safe and nurturing Christian environment, where all members of the school and wider community will be respected and valued.

  • Sparkle – being generous to others and allowing them their moment to shine in the performance of music
  • Help – helping each other to sing and play music in harmony
  • Imagine- envisaging different worlds, experiences and feelings through music
  • Nurture – developing emotional well-being through singing in harmony and in our community
  • Excel- attaining high standards in singing and through the experience of playing and listening to music

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Statement of intent

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Progression and content

Pupils participating in piano lessons.

KS2 pupils participated in the Minety Music Festival.

Class 3 enjoying a music lesson.

Class 1 had a wonderful music lesson singing some songs, learning how to make quiet, medium loud and loud sounds. They also played along to music with shakers and learnt the names of some instruments and the sounds they make.

We had a lovely visit from a music specialist.