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Design and Technology (DT)

What we say about Design and Technology at Minety Primary School...

"I really liked making the planets with balloons and paper mache because I have never used paper mache before and I enjoyed exploring something new.”  Romey  

“In DT we got a glass bottle and put some powder in it, filled it with water and put a balloon over it, the balloon whizzed off around the room. It was exciting and fun.”   Sam

"Design and Technology weaves it's way through our school curriculum and is an integral part of our topic based learning. It's great when children's plans and ideas come to life." Mrs Freer (Subject Leader)

Curriculum Intent

At Minety C of E Primary School, children receive a design and technology curriculum which allows them to exercise their creativity through designing and making. The children are taught to combine their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to design and make a product. Skills are taught progressively to ensure that all children are able to learn and practise in order to develop as they move through the school. Evaluation is an integral part of the design process and allows children to adapt and improve their product; this is a key skill which they need throughout their life. D & T allows children to apply the knowledge and skills learned in other subjects, particularly Maths, Science and Art. Children’s interests are captured through theme learning, ensuring that links are made in a cross curricular way, giving children motivation and meaning for their learning. Children will learn basic cooking skills.

We are committed to creating a positive, safe and nurturing Christian environment, where all members of the school community will be respected and valued and SHINE. By SHINE in Design and Technology we mean children:

  • Sparkle – enjoy the process of making
  • Help – encourage and support each other in team/group DT projects
  • Imagine - use their imagination to create
  • Nurture – develop themselves and others through expression
  • Excel – always trying their best

To read our full intent, implementation and impact, click the link:

Statement of intent

To read our progression and content for DT, click the link:

Progression and content

Class 5 using willow and tissue paper to make a 3d sculpture of a dragonfly – working in groups of 4.  Skills involved observational and anatomical drawings of dragonflies, design, teamwork, manipulating and joining, surface decoration and assemblage of each part.

Junior Masterchef

Year 6 have taken part in their annual competition - Junior Masterchef.

The competition saw children working in pairs, with their remit being that they had to produce a dish that celebrated 'The Queen's Jubilee'. 

Each team  came up with their own idea,  planned the dish themselves, bought their own ingredients and then cooked it. They all did brilliantly as you can see from the pictures.

Class 5 have been painting their completed clay sculptures of The Trinity.

Class 1 have looked at the Little Red Hen has part of their Topic "Once upon a Time" and have  made windmills.

Class 1 made snail pictures in the based on the work of the artist Henri Matisse as part of their phonics work for "ai".

Class 5 have been making fossils as part of their TREMORS topic.

Class 1 made clocks using split pins as part of their phonics learning on 'ck'.

Class 1 have been looking at pumpkins and making pumpkin cakes.

Class 5 Dragonflies had an engage day for their Pharaohs Topic. They  had great fun – they mummified their recently deceased Queen Mrs Smith, constructed tombs from card using tabs to fix and join and then mummified our own ‘stick’ pharaoh.

Class 5 have been sewing cards for Mother's Day.

For World Book Day Class 5 made their own sketch books.

On World Book Day Class 1 enjoyed the Fish Who Could Wish by Korkey Paul and made their own fish from cardboard tubes.

For History Day Year 5 children in Class 5 Dragonflies researched the artillery of the Roman army and constructed mini-catapults using cardboard and elastic bands to fire missiles (bits of screwed up paper).

Class 2 baked cakes for a special tea party they had on History Day when they celebrated the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Class 1 baked some lovely apple cakes with the eggs we bought at the village shop. Yummy!

 The whole school has been thinking about the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and have done pictures using different mediums as part of celebrations. 

As part of their topic Class 1 have been looking at the story of The Little Red Hen. They made some bread and had it for an afternoon snack.

As part of  their topic on dinosaurs Class 1 have made dinosaur worlds using shoeboxes, paint, tissue paper, pompoms, clay and sticks we collected from the garden. 

During History Day Class 1 made firework pictures using two different methods, one using paint, glitter and cardboard tubes. The others were made by  colouring paper with wax crayons, painting over the colouring and when the paint was dry scratching off some of the paint using coins to reveal the colours underneath.

Class 5  have been constructing 3D shapes and turning them into biography cubes detailing the biographies of significant Roman emperors.

Class 1 are learning about autumn and made some apple crumbles.

Class 5 photos of our trip to Westonbirt (06-07-21) focussing on environmental art and natural sculptures.

Class 4 using split pins to investigate joining and levers as part of engage day for Predators topic.

Class 5 made papier mache  models of the highest peaks in the Himalayan range  as part of their topic Misty Mountain Sierra.

Class 6’s made papier mache planets for as part of their Space Topic .

Class 4 have been making Greek masks and making coil pots.

Class 5 dragonflies – embroidery experience after researching the Bayeux Tapestry as part of our project on 1066.

Class 5 have been experimenting with torn paper backgrounds and card to make pop-up castles as part of our topic work on 1066.

Class 4 have been investigating levers as part of science topic on forces.

Class 1 have been making chicks as part of learning about spring.

KS2 have been investigating cookery and nutrition.  Preparing vegetables for packed lunch and making healthy sandwiches.

Class 2 have been making tree boggart.

Class 2 have been baking oat cookies.

Class 4 enjoyed learning about the Hajj and making collage pictures of the ‘journey’.

Class 5 have been constructing a Norman village as part of their topic on 1066 using different methods to attach cardboard, wooden lolly pop sticks, polystyrene, straw. Using nets to make 3d shapes and modelling plasticine to sculpt animals common in Norman Britain.

Class 4 had a wonderful trip to Westonbirt Arboretum – they created lots of natural sculptures and had fun in amongst the trees!

Class 5 have been making clay sculptures of Buddha as part of our learning about Buddism: The Life of Buddha.

 Clay work: Ceramics: Learning to join clay

Class 2 have been making 'Red Nose' cakes in their pyjamas for Red Nose Day.

Class 5 have been making circuits from copper wire and led lights for interactive Christmas cards as part of their topic on Electricity.

Class 5 have been making dragonflies from wire and beads.

Class 1 have made apples crumbles to bake and eat at home as part of their learning about autumn.

The whole school decorated birds and included positive messages inside as whole school homework.

Class 5 made papier mache volcanoes as part of their topic work.

Class 5 made clay models of their fantasy islands.