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What we say about History at Minety Primary School...

”You learn about the past and it makes you think about today.”  Lily

“It was so much fun crawling under tables finding out about the Egyptians.” Sam

“I liked it when our teacher made an investigation scene with police tape for the Henry VIII topic."  Evie

“I like it when History links to other subjects like science (Sir Isaac Newton), RE (anti-semitism and WW2) and maths (Roman numerals). " Henry & Noah

"I have always loved history. I remember doing a big project on the Doomsday Book at Primary School and finding it fascinating how the country had changed so much. Then at secondary school I studied History at A-Level, having had a fantastic history teacher who was so excited about her subject. I studied History at University for 2 years as part of my education degree and again was inspired by the teachers who had such a passion for learning about the past. It is my hope that I convey the same excitement for learning about the past; making history come alive in the classroom enabling children to understand how the past is so important as it helps us to learn how to live in the present and make plans for the future." Mrs Landon (Subject Leader).

Curriculum Intent

History is all around us. The study of history ignites children’s curiosity about the past in Britain and the wider world. Through finding out about how and why the world, our country, culture and local community have developed over time, children understand how the past influences the present. History enables children to develop a context for their growing sense of identity and a chronological framework for their knowledge of significant events and people. What they learn through history can influence their decisions about personal choices, attitudes and values. At Minety CE Primary School, our intent, when teaching history, is to stimulate the children’s curiosity in order for them to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding. 

We are committed to creating a positive, safe and nurturing Christian environment, where all members of the school community will be respected and valued and SHINE. By SHINE in History we mean children:

  • Sparkle - Sparkle in their curiosity about the past
  • Help - Help each other to learn and reach their full potential.
  • Imagine - Imagine what it was like to live in different eras of the past
  • Nurture - Nurture an understanding about how the past has affected the present
  • Excel - Excel at using a range of resources and historical evidence

To read our full intent, implementation and impact, click the link:

Statement of intent

To read our progression and content for History, click the link:

Progression and content

Our Curriculum

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At Minety we use the the Cornerstones Curriculum which includes Knowledge-rich Projects (KRPs) and Imaginative Learning Projects (ILPs). These projects are based around a half-term cross-curricular theme and history is one of the main driver subjects. 


Class 5 had a fantastic trip to the museum with a great Anglo-Saxon workshop.

Class 5 have had an engage day as part of their learning about the Anglo-Saxons and  they had a go at:

Deciphering ancient Anglo-Saxon runes

Sorting artefacts into Rot or Not piles

Class 5 Dragonflies had an engage day for their Pharaohs Topic. They  had great fun – they mummified their recently deceased Queen Mrs Smith, constructed tombs from card using tabs to fix and join and then mummified our own ‘stick’ pharaoh.

As part of  their topic on dinosaurs Class 1 have made dinosaur worlds and have been talking about the past and present and things we would and wouldn't expect to see. For example we wouldn't expect to see trains or TVs when dinosaurs were alive and we wouldn't expect to see a dinosaur walking down the street today. 

Class 4 enjoyed their History Day and learnt about Eilmer the Flying Monk!  They tried to measure how far he flew and ran around imagine how long he was flying for.

From History Day Year 5 children in Class 5 Dragonflies researched the artillery of the Roman army and constructed mini-catapults using cardboard and elastic bands to fire missiles (bits of screwed up paper).

Class 5 have been looking at I am warrior – the Romans in Britain. An investigation into what primary sources can tell us about the Romans in Britain.

Class 5 have had an introduction to Ancient Civilizations – sorting ‘Top Trump Ancient Civilization Cards’ in chronological age order, length of historical period and populations.

Class 5 as Roman soldiers training to march and form the ‘tortoise’ formation as part of their unit I AM WARRIOR.

Class 5 dragonflies looking at secondary sources to try to interpret history. What did Boudicca look like? Can we really know?

Class 2 had a fantastic History Day. They dressed up as children from the 1950's, learnt all about the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II  and celebrated the coronation with a special tea party. They baked cakes for our their tea party and decorated crowns and flags. They watched the coronation and cheered and waved their flags.

Class 5 have been making biography cubes detailing the biographies of significant Roman emperors.

Class 1 have been sequencing the life of the Queen from when she was a baby until now and looking at how she has changed over time.

Class 5 had a Roman feast to end their unit on I AM WARRIOR.

On History Day Year 4 children painted roman shield designs from the initial plans.

Class 1 had an amazing History Day. They learnt all about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate 5th November.  They dressed up as fireworks, made their own Guy by stuffing clothes with newspaper and made firework cakes. They also made firework pictures using two different methods, one using paint, glitter and cardboard tubes. The others were made by  colouring paper with wax crayons, painting over the colouring and when the paint was dry scratching off some of the paint using coins to reveal the colours underneath.

Class 4 have had a engage day on the Romans.

Class 4 did some cave paintings as part of their topic Through the Ages.

Class 6 have been looking at WWII as part of their topic A Child's War.

Class 5 have been experimenting with torn paper backgrounds and card to make pop-up castles as part of our topic work on 1066.

Class 5 have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons and have been doing some Anglo-Saxon weaving.

 Constructing our Norman village as part of our topic on 1066 and understanding the lives of everyday people in Norman Britain under the Feudal System.

Class 5 dragonflies – embroidery experience after researching the Bayeux Tapestry as part of our project on 1066.

Class 2 looked at timelines and the 1950's as part of their topic on Childhood.

Class 3 have been learning all about the SS Great Britain.

Class 5 did a historical assembly as part of their topic Henry VIII Off With Her Head .

Class 5 have been learning all about King Henry VIII as part of their topic Off with her Head.