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Golden Book 22/03/24

22 March 2024 (by admin)


Eli has been enjoying thinking about traveling in the sky.  He has made his own helicopter, aeroplane and hot air balloon, talking about where he would go in them.  Then he went on a plane trip, with his passport, boarding card and suitcase.  He enjoyed the inflight snacks and movie. 

Academically Eli is  a focused and hardworking little boy – his reading is getting better and better everyday and so is his writing.   He is also a maths whizz helping us to find numbers one more and one less to ten.

Well Done Eli


Willow you have worked really hard planning and writing a poem about the rainforest.  You thought carefully about the things that you could see, hear, feel and smell and used some great words.  You are a kind, friendly little girl and work well with all of your peers.  You always try your hardest in everything that you do, showing resilience and are always smiling!  Well done Willow.


Annabelle’s concentration and effort has improved dramatically over the last few weeks. She is concentrating so much more and applying herself so well in her learning tasks. She has been working particularly hard on her handwriting and has made amazing progress. She has also shown aspiration towards her maths this week and progressed well with her fraction work. In English, she has also produced some impressive work using her adjectives and senses to describe the Rainforest. Annabelle, we are so proud of your for aspiring to now produce your very best effort!


This week, in Oakleaze Class, we have been finishing our twisted tale of Little Red Riding Hood – entitled LITTLE RED HOOD WAS NOT THAT GOOD! Ben has written a super fairy tale of a wicked girl and kindly wolf. He has included some speech within the text and punctuated it correctly.  His story is imaginative and, thankfully, has a happy ending.  Well done, Ben 


Aimee has approached all her learning with great determination and resilience, not only this week but throughout the whole year! Aimee has great focus, she reflects on her work carefully and always acts on feedback.  Aimee has become really confident in Maths, she always has her hand up, gives 100% effort and perseveres even when tackling trickier questions. You are an absolute joy to teach Aimee, your enthusiasm for learning is a delight to see.  Well done, we are very proud of you!