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Golden Book 06/10/23

6 October 2023 (by admin)


Violet is such a hardworking, conscientious pupil who always tries her very best in all her learning - well done for showing great aspiration Violet! It is great to see Violet’s confidence grow too, she now often has her hand up, ready to share well thought out ideas. Violet’s work is always beautifully presented and clear whether in Maths or her written work.  Violet has produced a detailed information sheet about The Battle of the Somme in History and has shown empathy and thoughtfulness in her responses.


Zach has had a busy week.    He has been busy tackling as many class puzzles as possible – helping me to sort them before he could play with them.

He has also tried very hard with his letter sounds and all his other learning, including making a fox for our Gruffalo story.



Renezmae you have had some longer days in school and have shown great resilience and we are really proud of you.  You have also shown resilience in your school work, you are working hard in phonics, especially enjoying the matching activities and sentence writing.  You have done some great maths – you can work out additions quickly and record them clearly.  Well done Renezmae, keep it up!


Wow – What a super star Harriet has been this week. We have been working on joining our handwriting and forming our ascenders and descenders correctly. Harriet, has impressed us both so much with her level of concentration, care and dedication to improving her handwriting and as a result is now writing in beautifully joined up handwriting. Harriet, always shows determination and dedication towards her learning and we are extremely proud of her.


This week Oakleaze Class have been carrying out an investigation into the adaptation of birds' beaks as part of our topic on Evolution and Inheritance. Thomas was able to make sensible, clearly explained predictions. We worked in our groups and Thomas was fully engaged and at the end, gave a well-written explanation of what he had learned through the investigation about the adaptation of birds' beaks to enable them to eat the available food.