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Golden Book 29/09/23

2 October 2023 (by admin)


Alfie, has shown the value of respect every day since joining our class. He always shows that he is ready for learning and listens so well. He has been helping with the important job of giving out books in the class which he carries out quietly and efficiently. Alfie, not only shows respectful behaviour to adults in the school but also to all of his peers. You have made such an amazing start to Year 3 Alfie. We are so proud of you.


Sadie consistently demonstrates all our school values on a daily basis.  Sadie listens so attentively and respectfully, she takes a full and active part in class discussions and aspires to do her very best in all her learning. Sadie has worked confidently in Maths this week and has shown a good understanding of the language features of explanation texts. Super investigative work in Science too!

Well done Sadie – You are a Silver Class Superstar!


Lola has been a superstar this week.  While supervising our building works  she has been:  Measuring bricks,   writing out orders for things we need : cement, bricks etc,    making sure our builders are all working hard.

When not doing this she made biscuits for the entire class, and then wrote name labels on each biscuit.

She has also been busy sorting lots of objects in maths.

Well done Lola


Mason you are an excellent role model.  Your behaviour is outstanding, you show tremendous respect for your peers and your teachers.  You always try your hardest and focus on the task in hand, asking for help when needed and starting your work quickly.  You have produced great work in maths, this week working on 2s, 5s and 10s.  You listen intently on the carpet and are always ready to join in.  Well done Mason, keep up the great work.



This week Oakleaze Class have been looking at fossils as part of our topic on Evolution and Inheritance. Fossils are rare and valuable, giving us evidence of what the planet was like millions of years ago. Christopher has written a super explanation text, detailing how fossils are formed and included some interesting ‘Did you know’ facts. He has also worked hard to present his work beautifully and included some great illustrations. Well done Christopher.